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Keelboat Sailing Fundamentals 

Learn To Sail! 

A Basic Keelboat Sailing Course

Three Days


Open to adults and teens, this is a comprehensive basic sailing course that includes morning classroom instruction along with afternoons on the water over a three day period.


Capt. James has based the curriculum off a decade of teaching adult sailing classes to the highest standard. 


Whether you have never sailed before, or sailed quite a bit and feel you could use more instruction, this extensive curriculum provides a strong foundation for wherever your sailing dreams may take you.

We limit the class to three students to allow more time for boat handling and extensive practice to increase your skill and confidence as a sailor.


Curriculum Includes:

  • Sailing Terminology  

  • Sailing Theory – How a boat sails

  • Basic Boathandling 

  • Basic Sail Trim

  • Rules of the Road

  • Basic Navigation Rules

  • Essential Sailing Knots

  • Preparation and Safety

  • Mooring/Anchoring Maneuvers

  • Crew Overboard Drill (Don't worry, no one goes in the water)

This program runs Friday-Saturday, 930 AM - 530 PM throughout summer season.  Alternative weekdays/schedules possible upon request.   


Call to schedule exact dates/times - primarily held on weekends Friday-Saturday but Monday - Wednesday classes are available as well. 

Daily schedule for the three days:

  • 9;30-11 am Classroom - Held at Creative Spirit, 80 Washington St. Marblehead

  • 12:30 pm- 530pm - On-the-water - Salem Sound- Meet at Village Street Pier Marblehead

Cost: $699 (Includes launch transport fees)

50% deposit upon booking to reserve your dates

Maximum of 3 students per class


Gratuities: While not required they are greatly appreciated if you are pleased with your experience.


Awards, Certifications 


In 2011, James was certified by the American Sailing Association (ASA) as a basic keelboat sailing instructor.

James was consistently recognized as a top instructor while teaching at Manhattan Sailing School (New York Harbor) and Black Rock Sailing School (Boston Harbor) 


In 2016, James was formally recognized by the ASA as Outstanding Sailing Instructor based upon his excellent student ratings.

James has held a USCG Captain's License (OUPV) since 2011.

Capt. James is fully licensed and insured to operate as sailing charter and school.

Call to inquire or to book your class!



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