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By taking a catamaran endorsement sailing class, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to enjoy the unique experience of sailing a catamaran for cruising or chartering safely.

Catamaran’s perform and handle differently to monohulls and this endorsement bridges the gap from your monohull knowledge and skills to those required for sailing a catamaran. You will learn the different nomenclature, handling and maneuvering skills required to skipper a catamaran both under sail and power.

Vessel: Chartered or Students own -   Satori Sailing has access to a variety of chartered catamarans based upon class size 


To enroll in this course, students must be proficient in the skills and knowledge covered in the Basic Keelboat course. This includes a solid understanding of fundamental sailing concepts, basic sail trim, and boat handling. Students should be comfortable with:

  • Basic sailing terminology and navigation

  • Basic sail adjustments and trim

  • Steering and maneuvering a keelboat

  • Basic safety procedures and protocols

Max Class Size: Depends on Boat

Overall Curriculum:

  1. Understanding Catamaran Dynamics: Learn the fundamental differences between catamarans and monohulls, including stability, sail trim, and handling characteristics.

  2. Nomenclature: Just what is a seagull and Dolphin striker and where can I find them?

  3. Sail Trim and Balance: Techniques for trimming sails to optimize performance and comfort on a catamaran.

  4. Maneuvering: Mastering tacking, gybing, and docking a catamaran, which differ significantly from monohull techniques.

  5. Safety Procedures: Understanding safety protocols specific to catamarans, including capsize recovery and handling emergencies.

  6. Anchoring and Mooring: Best practices for anchoring and mooring a catamaran, which often requires different techniques due to their twin hulls.

  7. Systems and Maintenance: Familiarity with the systems onboard a catamaran, including engines, electrical systems, and routine maintenance.

We will start with a classroom session covering:

1. Introduction to catamarans: design, advantages, and disadvantages

2. Differences in sailing mechanics and stability compared to monohulls

3. Sail trim for catamarans

4. Boat systems

5. Safety and emergency procedures

And then move out onto the water to cover:

  • Pre-departure checks and setup.

  • Basic maneuvers: tacking, gybing, and points of sail.

  • Advanced maneuvers: man overboard recovery, reefing, and sail changes.

  • Docking and mooring techniques.

  • Anchoring techniques specific to catamarans.

This offers a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring that participants will gain confidence and improve their racing skills and techniques, whilst remaining safe.

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Learn more about how this course can support certifications:

  • Qualified Crew Rank

  • Skipper, Large Keelboat


Gaining certification will enhance your competence and will provide you with a roadmap to achieve your sailing goals.


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